All you need to know about Anti Stain Protection!

There are many brands of ‘protector’ available such as Scotchgard, Stainguard, Teflon, Guardsman but are they actually worth the money?
Firstly they are all designed to adhere to the carpet or upholstery fibre as they are a sort of soft coating. It is made this way to not alter the texture of the material as a hard coating (although more resilient) would make the carpet or upholstery feel hard too. The main downside to a soft coating is it will slowly lose its effectiveness over time. This doesn’t stop it from giving great protection, it just means as it’s not a hard coating it is less resilient and won’t stop everything penetrating.


How does it work?


The protector molecules bond to the fibre surface and once fully dried and cured can stop lots of different liquids from permanently staining a carpet. Therefore, giving you time to blot it up before it goes any deeper into the fabric. It can’t, however, stop every liquid penetrating your carpet as it can only do so much as a soft coating.
Some liquids will bead up and sit on the surface, but not all, as this depends on what the liquid is, the temperature of the liquid and the fibre of the material of the carpet or upholstery.
A benefit to protectors is the actual wear to the fibre is reduced as it is wearing a coating, which is worn before the fibre. This extends the life of the carpet by helping against premature wear of the carpet.


Tailored Carpet Care offers protection services and can provide a free quote on request. With these kind of products you do get what you pay for so beware of cheap quotes as this could not be a proper protector which is suited to your carpet or upholstery.

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