Pets and carpets!

Pets are part of our family but they do take their toll on your carpets and upholsteries. There are a number of contaminants that your pets bring in to your home, as well as the dirt from outside. Such as, saliva (containing bacteria) urine/faeces, fleas, ticks and Dander (which causes allergies). As well as those […]

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Our latest visit to Nawaab in London

Last month we were back at our friends Nawaabs in London. They have a restaurant in the famous Hoover Building in Perivale, London which we go down to every quarter to clean the restaurant, stairs and banqueting suite carpets. We usually spend 3 – 4 days there making sure all the custom made carpets continue […]

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All you need to know about Anti Stain Protection!

There are many brands of ‘protector’ available such as Scotchgard, Stainguard, Teflon, Guardsman but are they actually worth the money? Firstly they are all designed to adhere to the carpet or upholstery fibre as they are a sort of soft coating. It is made this way to not alter the texture of the material as […]

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