Christmas Preparation for cleaning

‘Tis the season to party, which means you’ll be welcoming plenty of guests into your home. There’s no better excuse to deep clean your whole house from the top to the bottom! So you can relax and enjoy the festivities.

The festive and New Year celebrations can take their toll on everyone’s homes. In this post, Tailored Carpet Care shares our favourite cleaning tips for entering the New Year with a spotless home.

Prepare Prepare Prepare

However you decide to clean, don’t leave it all until the last minute and guests are due to arrive! A complete clean can take several days, and we all know it’s a busy time of year. So whether you do it over a few days or all in one go, preparation is key.

First, Declutter!

Firstly, you’ll need to clear away all of the clutter that has built up over the year. The less obstacles there are it’s much easier to clean when, so before the tree and decorations go up it’s best to declutter your home.

By clearer space you leave more room for your visitors or gifts. Decide do you really need items you can’t find a place for, if not, why not donate them to your local charity shop? It is the season of giving!

Start At The Top…

It’s always best to start from the top. Clearing away cobwebs and working your way down to the walls and shelves. Brush up any dust and wipe down the surfaces, making sure to get in all the nook and crannys.

Next is bringing any furniture back to life, including sofas, chairs and tables. Your guests will be taking full advantage of your chairs and sofas so you want them looking like new. The easiest and most effective way to clean a sofa is to call a professional upholstery cleaner like Tailored Carpet Care to give them a proper deep clean and restoring the colours.

And don’t forget your curtains and cushion covers! Washing them can make a big difference to a room, from the smell to the look of them.

…Right To The Bottom

Any dust from cleaning surfaces and furniture will fall to the floor throughout the year. There’s no better way than to wave goodbye to the year than to clean away any built-up grime and stains.

If you have carpets, it’s the most wonderful time of year to give them a professional deep clean. This brings up all the dirt that’s buried deep within carpet fibres, while vacuuming only removes the surface layer of dust. Why not give your carpets the gift of bringing them back to life?

Final Touches

After a deep clean, you’ll only need to do quick touch-ups before the party starts. Wipe over surfaces to banish any stains, as well as vacuuming your carpets and removing any Christmas tree needles. You can then enjoy a chore-free holiday season. As well as all the essentials, get into the festive spirit by decking the halls with scented candles.

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