Ever wondered the best ways to remove red wine stains?

Removing Red Wine Stains from Carpet – some handy tips!

Here are the most effective ways for removing red wine stains on your carpet. Remember to test any wine stain removal method on a discreet spot of carpet before treating the stain to ensure color-fastness.

1. Blot

Firstly you need to blot! Use a clean white cloth (alternatively towels and paper towels are fine) and press the cloth to the stain and oak up as much as you can. Don’t rub as this can push the stain deeper into the carpet’s fibers.

2. If You Can’t Treat It, Salt It

If you don’t have the time to treat the carpet, it’s your salt to the rescue! After you’ve finished blotting, pour salt onto the stain. This helps absorb the stain and can be quickly removed with a hoover when you’re ready to treat the stain. If you don’t have salt then Baking Soda can also be used to soak up the red wine.

To treat the carpet;

1. Soda Water

Plain soda water is great for removing red wine stains from carpet. The stain removal property is from the soda’s carbonation and sodium components.

First, apply soda water to the red wine stain and blot. After blotting the soda, apply a mixture of luke-warm water and washing up liquid (use only a small amount and well dilute it) to the stain. Use a clean cloth to dab the remedy until stain is removed.

2. Alcohol

White wine helps neutralize red wine stains on carpeting so if there’s a drink you should serve with red wine, its white wine! Just pour white wine on top of the red wine stain and blot. This helps lift the red wine stain from the carpet and helps prevent it from spreading. Alternatively, vodka works the same way.

3. If that fails and you’re still left with a mark, ring Tailored Carpet Care and we will get that stain removed in time for your next glass of wine!

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