Our latest visit to Nawaab in London

Last month we were back at our friends Nawaabs in London. They have a restaurant in the famous Hoover Building in Perivale, London which we go down to every quarter to clean the restaurant, stairs and banqueting suite carpets. We usually spend 3 – 4 days there making sure all the custom made carpets continue to look new and in great condition.

We start by clearing the main restaurant on each side and cleaning the carpet, along with the stairs and the banquet suites. The restaurant itself is huge and Nawaab’s caters for weddings, events, birthdays, you name it! They can accommodate hundreds of people in one of their suites. Below is a picture of the main restaurant, with one side cleared of tables ready for the carpet to be cleaned.

In each room the carpets are pre treated, this is then worked into the carpet with a rotary machine which works all the dirt up from the bottom of the fibres for the powerful steam extraction cleaner to lift all this and clean right to the bottom of the carpet. Below is a picture of Tom in their smaller banquet suite.

On each day we focus on a different room, removing any chewing gum from the carpets, cleaning off any stains, taking out any dirt or food from the carpets and then drying them ready for the restaurant to open its doors to customers at 5pm. The hours are long but we are always really happy with the results and because the carpets are cleaned on a regular basis, it means they remain looking at their best all year round.

The stairs in particular become dull and dirty looking due to the sheer volume of foot traffic. As you can see from our before pictures and the after clean picture (below, right) the difference is amazing and the carpet looks brand new again! As we always have a strong sense of pride in our work, it’s great to see the amazing results our professional commercial clean creates.

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