Pay Once – Pay Twice? The importance of getting the right trades people!

So what does this pay once, pay twice mean? It’s an expression commonly used when someone tries to cut corners.


We all want to get the best deal we can, but sometimes actively seeking out the cheapest quotation for a service that we believe will be the exactly the same as a more expensive option, can (and usually does) lead to all sorts of issues.

In the our industry it’s common for someone to hire a cheap cleaner, because seeing the word ‘carpet cleaning’ convinces them that no matter where they go – it must be the same service.  But this is not the case as a lot of ‘carpet cleaners’ use small, manual, less powerful equipment than Tailored Carpet Care do which doesn’t give the same results.

How this costs you twice is when you have been very disappointed with the service, you then seek out a ‘proper’ professional company to re-clean the carpets (or upholstery) to a standard you thought they were going to get originally!

After paying for a cheap clean, and paying AGAIN for it to be done properly/correctly, this is where the term ‘Pay Once, Pay Twice’ comes in because this is exactly what has just happened.

It’s a tough lesson to learn, but there is always an expression that overrides all expressions and that is ‘You Get What You Pay For’. Tailored Carpet Care guarantee your satisfaction on the first clean and if we don’t, we will be straight back on to you (for no additional cost) to ensure we do.

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