Pets and carpets!

Pets are part of our family but they do take their toll on your carpets and upholsteries. There are a number of contaminants that your pets bring in to your home, as well as the dirt from outside. Such as, saliva (containing bacteria) urine/faeces, fleas, ticks and Dander (which causes allergies). As well as those there is also the impact pet urine and hairs can have on your family’s health. Having pets can cause allergies, skin infections, worsened Asthma and decreased air quality. But don’t fear, there are a few ways to protect your home and enjoy your pets all year round; • Putting doormats at all entrances to your home. This will catch some of the dirt from their paws. • Treating urine stains immediately. This stops the stains from seeping deep into the carpet pile. • Giving your pets regular baths to remove allergens and bacteria from their fur. • Having your carpets professionally clean at least every 6 months by Tailored Carpet Care. A professional carpet or upholstery clean will remove pet odours, stains and bacteria. At Tailored Carpet Care we pride ourselves of offering the best cleaning service for all your pet emergencies or to freshen up the carpet and remove all fur and allergens. Call 0161 905 3855 now for a free quote.
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